Pat Butler grew up on Long Island, adjacent to the melting pot of New York City.  This created endless juxtapositions and complementary rhythms for poetry: seashore and subway, beach strolls and urban crawls, clam shacks and multi-cultural diversity.

A love for poetry, art, coast and city developed, along with a lifestyle alternating between quiet contemplation at the seashore and the creative stimulation of urban energy.  As a young adult, Pat moved overseas, exploring these passions through the lens of another culture.  Family became an anchor, roots she returned to regularly.  In the context of her large family, Pat began exploring the universal themes of place, identity and home.  All find their way into her poems, which first appeared online and in literary journals.

The Boatman’s Daughter, sequel to Poems from the Boatyard, continues to probe these themes, and introduces a new one: the critical role of the father in a child’s life.  The signature piece of The Boatman’s Daughter, “The Scent of Poplars,” is a character sketch of her own father and his impact on her life.

Pat returned to the United States in 2006, and currently resides in the Atlanta GA area.  This is her second chapbook.